Office of the Vice Provost for Planning and Programs



Task Force Members

Task Force Representative


Saul Weiner (Co-Chair)

Vice Provost for Planning and Programs

Surrey Walton (Co-Chair)

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy, College of Pharmacy

Jonathan Art

Associate Dean, Graduate College

Beth Calhoun

Professor, Division of Health Policy and Administration, School of Public Health

William Chamberlin

Interim Executive Director, Institute for Patient Safety Excellence, College of Medicine

Caswell Evans

Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health Sciences, College of Dentistry

Kathy Christiansen (through 5/14)

Executive Director, Care Innovation, College of Nursing

Jorge Girotti

Associate Dean and Director, Admissions, Special Curricular Programs, College of Medicine

Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom

CIO & Executive Director, Academic Computer & Communication Center

John Hickner

Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, College of Medicine

Nicole Kazee

Senior Director, Health Policy and Programs

Mary Keehn

Associate Dean, College of Applied Health Sciences

Robert Kaestner

Professor, Institute of Government and Public Affairs

Katherine "Kappy" Laing

Executive Director, University Office of Governmental Relations, University of Illinois

Martin MacDowell

Associate Director & Research Associate Professor, National Center for Rural Health Professions/ Dept. Family and Community Medicine, College of Medicine-Rockford

Christopher Mitchell

Associate Dean, Jane Addams College of Social Work

Marieke Schoen

Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy

Terry Mason

Chief Operating Officer, Cook County Department of Health

Cleo Pappas

Associate Professor & Assistant Information Services Librarian, University Library

Lisa Pitler

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Jamila Rashid

Executive Director, Urban Health Program

Bernard Turnock

Clinical Professor, Division of Community Health Sciences, School of Public Health

Nancy Valentine (5-14)

Associate Dean for Practice, Policy and Partnerships, College of Nursing